Sunday, February 22, 2009

Concise -- How to Access Shared Folders from a Windows 7 Beta Guest Install in VirtualBox


This brief tutorial just overtly explains some simple steps that I overlooked when trying to access shared folders using my Windows 7 VirtualBox Guest Install.


  • Virtual Box (the newest version) should be installed <-- tested on 2.1.4

  • The 'Guest Additions' have been installed (using Vista or XP compatibility mode)


  1. Share a folder from your host system by clicking Devices >> Shared Folders... and picking a folder to share. Name it something you will remember. I shared c:\Media and named it Media.

  2. Right-click on your desktop (or location of your choice) and make a 'New Shortcut'
    (alternately, open 'My Computer' and click 'Map Network Drive' to have the share listed as a drive)

  3. Type \\vboxsvr\Media (where 'Media' is the memorable name you choose two steps ago)

  4. Name the shortcut something descriptive. (or assign the share a drive if you are mapping)

  5. Enjoy the shared folder/mapped network drive.

(helps with the installation of VirtualBox, the creation of a new Virtual Machine, and the installation of Windows 7)
(this guide is better than mine + with's for a ubuntu host, but the good thing about VirtualBox is that it practically makes the host irrelevant! -- so it's still useful)

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