Friday, August 28, 2009

Access your Motorola VU204 (Verizon) to add Custom Ringtones

First of all, the following links provide an abundance of information and should be visited should any problems arise or at least held in revelry due to their amazing content:

...there were a few others which had similar information, but these two were the ones I referenced.

That said, I hope this instruction is a little more direct and helps people so that they don't spend 2 and a half hours on something that now only takes me 10 minutes.

How do I access my Motorola VU204?

Download Necessary Software

Install the Software

Install the driver.

Install the MSU and run it. Let it update your phone. If you have any trouble after an update with the phone not being recognized by your computer (when it is recognized, it reinstalls all the drivers), remove and re-connect the usb cable from your phone. If that doesn't work, unplug it from the back of your computer and plug it into another empty usb port. After updates, you can close it for now, *sighs*, i guess.

Extract P2K Commander and remember where you extract it.

Access My Phone

Run MSU.

Run P2K commander by browsing to the folder you extracted the contents to and running p2kcommander.exe

In a drop down (either side), click the down arrow and select /a P2K phone system then click re-read.

Voila. You should see your phone data.

What do I do Now?

You can create custom ringtones (i use audacity to select 20-30 seconds of a jam that i like, and have on my computer, and then export it as a lower quality (96/128kb) .mp3 files). Just copy the files by navigating to the mp3 location on your computer on one side of the dual display, and then the P2k:/a/brew/mod/my_ringers/ directory on the phone and dragging the files over. The transfer will go one file at a time and ask you to wait, but allows multi-tasking, during each file transfer. I only say this because earlier versions of P2K Commander were notorious for crashing if the window lost focus.

You can also copy over pictures, I'd imagine...and backup all your data from your phone to your computer. Maybe even find some apps and copy them over. Go crazy!


junebuggnc said...

I am trying to follow these instructions to have PC access to my Verizon VU204 mobile. I do not have internet capabilities on the phone as it is my company's phone.

I want to create my own ringtones. I follow the instructions, but the p2kcommander software is not finding my phone.

I get the following messages:
Message file loaded.
c:\program files\Pk@Commander\P2kCommander-V4.9E
Open Internet connection.
Cannot establish Internet connection.
P2kCommander launched.
No p2k device found, Not connected!

Can anyone help me with this. I read the FAQ and it mentions 3.) P2kdrivers installed (attached to P2kCommander in p2kdrivers_2.8) do I install these. I did download them separately and moved them into the P2k Folder on my PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

nick c said...

sorry for the delayed response.

if you are still having trouble, but actively trying or willing, email me (thenickchapman-[somewhere around] and i'll try to help you out. i don't have this phone any longer, but will do my best.

drew french said...

Creepy, didn't know I was logged into Google. Did a search for 'Verizon Blog' and your post was in my results with a little blue lego-looking 'friend' symbol next to the link. my phone is possessed. I am thinking of joining the dark side. ;-P