Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Missed opportunity: Google Home + Google Wifi

I was considering a Google Home for my wife for Christmas--until I saw a Google WiFi commercial. How are these two products not (at least offered as) one device?

I could see the need for a supplemental Google WiFi that doesn't have Home bundled in, maybe, but can't really imagine the need for a Home that wouldn't benefit an existing home network by supplementing home Wifi. If nothing else, have a Home unit include dormant WiFi capability and, BAM!, next time I want to upgrade my home wireless network, the decision is practically made for me...or at least a much more attractive option.

Surely, as these two products were developed side by side, someone knew about both of them and thought about this. Now, I'm forced to wait and see if version 2 is a little better thought-out.

I've mocked up a little something.  Hopefully, the device can be made a little shorter.