Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adding Custom Ringtones to a LG Env3


This is a quick tutorial describing how to add custom ringtones to a LG Env3 on the Verizon network. This assumes you have already created a ringtone from a .mp3 on your computer (here's a tutorial that came up when i googled), but will mention a way to use the software in this tutorial to make a ringtone as well (see bottom of tutorial to see how to create a ringtone with BitPim -- it's pretty easy!).

Reference Links

There are a few links which I referenced to get part of this information. I'll be a little more explicit in my instructions, hopefully helping anyone who may be having trouble. Here are the links:

Download Necessary Software

To access your phone, you will need the charger/usb cable that came with your phone (should have), an LG Env3 (on the Verizon Network?), and the following software:

Now install mentioned software. If it tells you to restart, restart.


  1. Open you Env3 and go to Menu >> Settings and Tools >> USB Mode and set to Ask on Plug -- exit to main menu

  2. Attach your Env3 to a USB Port on your computer. When prompted, select 'data'

  3. Open BitPim (Start >> Program Files >> BitPim)

  4. Go to Edit >> Settings

  5. Set Phone Type to LG-VX9100 (enV 2) and make sure Com Port is set to auto. Click OK to exit Settings

  6. In the left pane, click File system and in the next (middle) pane, click + beside the Folder icon and '/'. Wait a second while the file system is retrieved. Now browse to brew >> mod >> 18067. This folder lists your 'My Sounds'

  7. Drag files from the windows explorer into the 18067 folder. It will take a few seconds. When the transfer is complete, right-click a folder from the middle pane (any one) and select Reboot Phone*

  8. Verify that the files were copied by opening your enV 3 >> going to Menu >> Music & Tones >> My Sounds -- they should be here identified by filename.
    (FYI, 10888 holds your pictures, 10890 your vidoes, and 10889>ringtones>default holds your ringtones [i couldn't get copying files there to work *** EDIT a commentor said you could copy ringtones to '10889>ringtones' (sans '>default' mentioned above) to have them properly designated as 'ringtones' as opposed to 'sounds'. thanks, Wahlverine! /END EDIT***])

  9. Highlight a song and you can SetAs whatever you'd like!


Hope this helped someone. Most of this information was found elsewhere, but scattered throughout various forum posts and threads...I just consolidated it for my use and thought it may be beneficial for others. If screenshots would be helpful, feel free to contact me. thenickchapman[usuallyfoundat]gmail[dot]com. Take care!


*If you haven't already created ringtones, BitPim lets you do that. Here's how:

  1. Open BitPim

  2. In the left pane, go to Phone >> Media >> Sounds [not Sounds(sd)]

  3. Drag a file (mp3) from windows explorer into the large, right pane of BitPim

  4. Set bitrate a little higher, at least 64 or 96, and click Convert (and wait a few seconds for a dos prompt call to ffmpeg to convert the file)

  5. (pretty intuitive....but) Drag the Pink and Red bookends to where you want the ringtone to stop and start. Target duration should be ~22 seconds. I usually make mine 30...but probably lose the last little bit. 'Play Position' plays where the indicator triangle is set and 'Play Clip' plays everything between the bookends (and is really slow -- use 'Play Position'). You'll have to decide if volume adjustment is necessary for you. I kinda doubt it.

  6. Repeat for other ringtones

  7. Click the 'Arrow TO Phone' icon, which displays 'Send Phone Data' when moused over

  8. On the menu that pops up, verify that 'Ringtones' is checked and the 'Add' radial option is selected, then click 'OK'

  9. That should be it! If you have any trouble with this method, you can always right-click on a 'sound' you've made with BitPim and 'save' it to your computer, then use the transfer method mentioned in the tutorial to copy the files over. I KNOW it works...and this is more like speculation.