Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bandcamp Downloader


I made a downloader for Bandcamp (/SoundCloud). Check it out: /

2013.05.17 Update:

I just took the site down. I may rename/appropriate it for SoundCloud usage only since it does that fairly well, too. The BandCamp portion has been removed. See the site for details and participate in the survey there.

2012.03.17 Update:

Just added -- basic SoundCloud support. Because SoundCloud hosts user uploads, however, naming is much less likely to be (as) accurate.


I like Bandcamp.  It is a clean site that straight-links offsite to a band's page of choice, enables streaming and purchase, makes use of HTML5, and has an impressive variety of music.

While I have a smartphone, I only have 100MB/month for my data.  I pay $30/month...give me a break.  So, I use a 16GB SD card to keep (some) music with me.  I'm also very much "try before you buy".  If I've bought the last 2 CDs by a band, I can do a blind buy...but otherwise, I want to know I'll listen regularly before I shell out my money.  I'm still hesitant of digital only purchases (i know, right?); even though the first thing I do when I get a CD is rip it (to .ogg).

So, I made a bandcamp downloader.  Because Bandcamp makes use of HTML5 (maybe flash fallback, for older browser support?) to play their audio, their source links are pretty much out and the open.  At first, I parsed through some source code to download the songs I wanted to listen to on my commute.  I rarely get the chance to listen at my house...sitting in front of my computer.  However, I was dissapointed that there was not an easier way.

I found a few pages that had bookmarlets, extensions, and js scripts to do the task...but they seemed a little more difficult then I prefer my user experiences to be, and some were browser-dependent.

After making my experiment, I ran across the following two solutions:

  1. Bandcamp Download ( is kinda similar to what I wanted to do...but excels more at entire album downloads because it compresses (to .tar.gz -- a linux format to scare off users after the server's done the downloading work, i guess) for a single download. It seems to be down alot, though.
  2. Offliberty ( seems to grab A file from the referenced page.  Due to this, it works best on individual song pages.  It works on artist or album pages, but only grabs the first track, and the forced download doesn't name the download with artist/album/track information.  
I wanted something a little more obvious...and am glad my work wasn't totally pointless.

Here's the result...the Bandcamp Downloader ( /

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fix: The dependency service or group failed to start // found new hardware

Short post.

I had a problem with a client's machine that suddenly failed to connect to his wireless network. Tried phone support/advice: I knew his machine...probably, his network adapter went down. Recommended he get USB adapter.

No help.

I went to visit. Installed USB wireless adapter. Still can't connect. On login, new hardware found (not related to new wireless device). Disabled old, presumed non-working, adapter. Still finding new hardware and failing to get drivers. Strange.

On mouseover of system tray network icon, "The dependency service or group failed to start" is displayed.

Google it.

A few forums had some fixes...none seemed to work. Even tried (from elevated command prompt) "netsh winsock reset" a couple of times. No help.

Finally found a forum comment that helped (

[from elevated command prompt -- type 'cmd' in start menu search, right-click and 'run as administrator']

1) netsh winsock reset
2) netsh int ip reset
3) net localgroup administrators localservice /add
4) net localgroup administrators networkservice /add
5) exit
Then reboot.

I'm sure you could have found this otherwise...but I hope more links to it/posts about it with the fix that worked for me can only help, right?