Monday, May 29, 2017

GIMP Export As Takes Forever! [Fix]

Also applies to Save As, and Open.

I use GIMP and (since 2.8, maybe, on Windows 10?) File > Save As causes an obnoxiously long wait before the "where to, bud" dialog pops up.  I tried to resolve this a few times...poked around in settings and saw nothing.  Of course, I Googled it...but it is such a vague query that (surprise!) the answer didn't exactly jump out at me.

Eventually, with some persistence, I came across this Super User post which gives lots of great information about the problem and the path one user took to diagnose the issue.  For those wanting to fix it, though, and not understand it tons better, you can disable your Floppy Drive in BIOS or (like I did) do it in your Device Manager by [Windows 10] right-clicking the Start Menu > selecting Device Manager > expanding Floppy Drive Controllers > right-clicking and disabling the Standard Floppy Disk Controller.

Another guy said a slow SD card seemed to be causing him to have similar issues he corrected by simply removing the SD card.  I didn't even have a floppy drive installed, though the motherboard does support it.

Hope this helps!


Michael Rolfe said...

Thanks for this: it worked like a charm and immediately – a refreshing change from the usual Windows experience.

Therod said...

Unplugged my usb drive - back to lightning speed. Thank you so much